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Love it except ...

I love the game, but I have one major issue. You have 99 energies left when you complete a case. Then the chief restores your energy. All it does is add 11 energies! It should add 110 energies to whatever amount you have left. It doesn’t seem fair, especially if you have just purchased a package!

Love it

Awesome game

Fun easy game to pass time

It’s fun and passes the time


Good game

Best of its kind!

There are many similar games but this is by far my favorite.

Fun but

Too early to really love it.


I saw this on YouTube as an ad and it’s not the same as the add on YouTube

Wish it was more challenging

Wish it was more challenging


Once I get going on it I just want to keep playing! Pretty fun game! Ads are a pain but guess we cannot escape them!

Great game poor platform

Love the game when I can play it. Way too many ads. I don’t mind ads but ad time runs longer than game play.


Fun and challenging

Love it

I love this game!!!!

Mind game

This game is great when you are waiting in line, or just need to take a break for a few minutes.


Great game,lots of fun!

Whizzed connect

Lots of fun!

It's fun

Really simple and easy

Great game!

Fun game

Awesome 5 star game!

An awesome game. I would highly recommend it!!!

Really Fun

Great game to keep my mind sharp.


Great game!!!

Very unfair

I’ve given this game 3 stars because the game is actually quite fun and time consuming. But there are major problems. I won 500 coins, then the game told me to purchase a new purse to receive all of my coins or only receive a partial amount. There should be an option to purchase with coins earned on the game and not with my money. After I decided I wouldn’t spend the money, and I would only receive 200 out of the 500 coins That I earned, I still did not receive the 200 coins. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Fun game

Thanks for this fun game


Lots of fun



Maddie's opinion

I love this Game! awesome!


Nice App

Fun and educational

Helps with spelling and recalling words fast


I love this game so much

Annoying ads

I agree with the previous reviewer said about the game. The ads etc are annoying but I suppose that’s it’s one of the ways that they raise funds for the game. The game itself is fine.

Love this game


Could be better

I enjoy the game but I don't always get the coins I'm supposed to after watching the videos. Also, it crashes a lot.

Fun, but...

This is a fun game, but it has far too many ads and they are loooong! So, I paid $2.99 to remove ads, but about every level I still get a pop up advertising a game app. NO ads means No ads! The creators are clearly driven by revenue, not quality.


Great game to stimulate your mind 🤗

Fun learning tool for kids

Great, fun learning game for kids!

Not all the way perf

Hi I had this game at least a year now and all my coins show up I have to download hints to yes mine and to many ads the adds are the same so that’s the only issue

Brain strengthening

Love the challenge of making so many words with so few letters and the satisfaction of doing it!!


This is fun little fast game I have others that are not as fast and easy

Keeps Crashing

The game is great but it lags. Now, I can’t even play it because it constantly crashes.


New game appears interesting.

Fun game

Lots of fun to play it makes you think a lot!!


Fun game, get kids involved!

Needs improvement

Good challenging game needs to take away apps


I like the app


Love this, helps strengthen word knowledge

Thanks developers for your great work!!!

This game would be perfect for spelling beginners ( First grade level) to help them learn more for Spelling as well as reading! And it’s fun!!!


It’s a easy going game .


great game

Word w

Great game

Winner! Winner!

So much fun! Lots to win & lots of fun!


So far so good

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