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It’s an okay game. Needs some work!


I Work in a School it’s great for the kids spelling skills!


I have just started this and so far so good

Great to make you think.

Can be addictive



Word whizzle

I just started but the add for the game was very misleading. I thought I was going to be playing the game shown and it’s not. I’m somewhat disappointed


This game is fun I look forward to the daily puzzles but every time I get to spin the wheel I always land on 50 coins. I know it’s a computer but come on. 50 coins ALL THE TIME?!


So far ok


I have had enjoyed playing

Fun game

Fun game. Too many ads 😠

Catch ya

From first word I was hooked


Is is easy to play!

Too many ads

Ruined a good game with inundation if ads,ads, ads and more ads- deleted this game after 5 minutes


Fun. Easy to past the time.

Good review

It really makes you think of how may word there are in the world that people have came up with


Lots of fun

Great game

This game is addicting and I love it.


Starts off slow


Good game so far



Decent game


Good enough

Light hearted fun

Good app

I added it because it was a picture of animals and a word search. But it’s still a decent game.


Fun and easy to play

Awesome! 😀

I just got this game and it is great and addictive! I will enjoy this game a lot.

So far so good

Just started playing. Seems fun


It's ok. I expected something a little different then what was advertised

Word game

I just started but it does make you think and bring your brain work little harder specially for people that had a stroke just leanings how to spell all over again so yes I’m still learning Thank You JB

Too many ads! More than the game itself...

That’s why I’m deleting it....

Word whizze

Nice game!

It’s fun and works.

It’s a fun game to kill time with. Perfect for standing in line.

Light fun

Love it....easy but fun

Fun game

Easy to play, fast

WordWhizzle Connect

This word game is great and challenging!

New to game

New to this and so far it is fun


good pass time game :)


So far I like this


Love the game, lots of fun! Two thumbs up.


Helps keep your brain thinking

Great game

Love it

Excellent Game!

Very fun and challenging game!

Good game

Very educational my 7 yr old granddaughter will like this


I have a good vocabulary and it keeps me guessing. Addictive but fun.

Good Game

I started to play this after my 7 year old niece told me about it and I am enjoying it. It could use some work but it is a good learning game.

Fun game for young kids

This is a great game for young kids learning to read!

Fun game

I enjoy this game. Keeps brain sharp


Thought I would give it a try. 😀

If you love ads, push notifications and obnoxious marketing, this app is for you

There is an a 20-30 second ad after every two games that take 10-20 seconds to solve. What a joke.

Ads...a lot of them

Not even a fun game except for the ad you’re forced to watch after every puzzle.

I am having too much fun.

I am supposed to be working around the house. Instead I am sitting here playing this game. Such fun!

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