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..entertaining but cheap

This game is a fun way to pass the time. They do keep it challenging. The one bad thing is they keep trying to get you to spend money on coins. It’s really cheap and cheesy. If you get the daily jackpot of 500 coins they want you to upgrade and spend money on them if not you only get 200. They are constantly trying to get you to spend money which I find annoying.

Addictive game

This game is amazing and very enjoyable too.


This game is rigged so you have to constantly have to play in order to win


Fun game



False leaderboard

I enjoy the word games. I do NOT appreciate the false leader board scores. It is very obvious and has become annoying. I am not playing to compete and your blatant misrepresentation of the game players is extremely dishonest. I will never spend another penny to support you.


Still at entry level and assume it gets harder as we go along. Fun. Hard to stop playing!


Not bad. Keeps me busy.


Fun game

Scam App

This game is a scam. While playing this game it “offered me” some sort of coins for $50. I hit the button to cancel and it took me to the payment page where it immediately processed the payment.

Fun game

Simple but fun

Fun but frustrating

Loved the game but frustrated after last update. Too many times no video available to watch or no coins after watching.

Brain Power!

This game is super fun! It’s great brain exercise. Sharpens your spelling and is nonstop action. A great game. Another addictive Word Wizzle wonder! I love it!!!


Nice game

Word Wizzel

Game is interesting &fun. I’m sure it will get more difficult. Hope it stays amusing.


Great game so far


Might be a decent game in later levels, but I couldn’t get past the amount of ads! Arrrgh! No thanks!

Quid pro quo game

I'm only doing this for the free coins. Game is meh...

Fun game

Fun game!


I had previously given this game a vert good review. But now I find the technical problems have increased. Not only is it difficult to load when I want to play, the play itself lags badly. Now I’m getting kicked off completely during play and have to reload. It’s an addictively fun game if you can play it.

Word Whizzle Connect

Fun and addicting!!!!!!!!

Just found this game

Seems to be fun!


Good game. Just started but so far so good

New player

Fun! Nice sounds.

Great time spent

Great game to pass the time with your friends and families.

Good word app, but...

Game is good and enjoyable. Not going to pay $4.99 for it - i would pay $1.99 to get rid of ads. I would rate the app higher if the ads would not play sound since u have sound for the game turned off - the sound for the ads should be off as well! So i have to keep my phone on silent to not hear the ads.

Pheasant queen

Very family friendly teaches spelling and gives enough prizes to keep everyone interested 👏

Fun game

Love it Fun and makes you use your brain!


This app is a lot of fun, though in the upper reaches it can be frustrating, rejecting some good words that were wrong just because the word you made was not the one the app insisted it should be. It could be improved if some flexibility were put in place so that as long as your word were a dictionary word and not a proper noun the game would accept it. Also the hints are very expensive. But it really is fun to play.


Fun game to play.. but too many ads.



Great game!

Keeps your mind going! Very fun

Great fun

I am a new player who is fascinated by words. I am enjoying playing this game!


Way too many ads. Way too much trying to get me to buy coins. If it doesn’t stop real soon I will get rid of the game. Thanks

Exercise for Seniors

This word game is wonderful for my 90 year old Mother with failing memory, Thank You!


This game is so fun it has. No problems and it actually helps me teach my little sis words and me and her play it like five times a day!!


This is a great game to play when your stressed or need to calm down

If I spin pay out!!! Don’t short me.....

I won my spin an it was a bonus spin three cherries. Wining 500 coins, but I only received 200. This game required that I buy the other 300 for $1.99. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE SPIN IF YOU DO NOT PAY OUT????

Good game

I love it! Keeps me busy

Temperamental response to play is very irritating!

I enjoy the game when it responds to what you’re doing. Very frequently, I try to make a play & it doesn’t register the move I’m trying to make. I find myself almost pounding on the screen to get it to register the play, until I quit playing.

Great Word Game

Great game especially to do with kids!


WAYYY TOO MANY ADS!!! I dig the game but I’m not paying $5 to remove ads and I’m sure there’s that many ads to force you to do so if you wanna keep playing. Sorry but DELETED!!....

Fun game

But to many ads for a free game

Word whizzle

Such a fun game. Love playing it !

Word connect

Lots of fun.

Game is awesome

Sooo fun!

Word games

This helps keep my mind active. Helps with spelling as well.


Such a fun game! Keeps you busy during down time.

Great game

Fun! Quick and challenging.

New to me

I have just started to play and it is fun but so far simple. My husband is hooked & has been playing for a while so assures me it gets more difficult. I am anxious to try it.

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