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Fun game!

I’ve enjoyed playing WordWhizzle. It is getting more challenging. But in a good way! Do not appreciate that I win points BUT I HAVE TO PAY YO GET MY POINTS!!! Really! They are my points. Give them to me already! So what it’s only $1.99! I should Not be required to buy them. This is not fair! You need to change this!!!!!

Word sizzle

Fun game.

Fun Game!

Fun game if you want something to relax. It’s like playing scrabble for one lol! Helps your brain think.

I Just Started This Game And So Far So Good. Time will tell.

I enjoy word games very much. I will let you all know how I am doing and how I am enjoying this. Have A Great Day.

Like this so far

I love word games and just started playing this. I like it!

Sneaky App will steal money from you

App is very sneaky it just stole $5 from me

Don't download

I enjoyed playing. But, was considering deleting, due to all the ads you are forced to watch. I was up to about level 425, and suddenly there was an ad placed over the board. The fine print below instructed me to purchase a coin package to remove the ad and continue to play. Needless to say, I deleted the app.

Game is very awesome.

I love this game coz you gonna use your mind to think of any words. It’s gives you practice on your words to connect and it’s addictive too.

Just started playing

Just started this app so far so good seems fun but Im still in the basics. Hoping for the best.

Ads across game

Today a small ad showed in the middle of the puzzle such that you couldn’t see at least one letter you needed. I liked most things before this and maybe just a glitch but needs to be fixed so you can play the game

Great game

Have fun playing this game.

Good game

Too many ads and the game gets more difficult as you go. But it’s a great way to pass time.



Five stars



I love this game...it's fun AND educational!

Can’t connect to Facebook

I get a error message: Can’t connect to Facebook. Try again later. It’s been like this for a while! I lost my place, and the levels don’t show up as completed until the level is replayed!


I love this game. I just wish there were more ways to get free coins for hints.

Fun game!

Fun game! Good past time


I loved Word Whizzle. Bad enough, though, that I had to watch frequent ads, but now there is an ad blocking one of my letters. The only way to get rid of it is to purchase the no ad version . Sorry, but I won’t be strong armed into anything. Deleted and found another word game.

Super Game

I’ve had this game for a while and it’s a great challenge and super fun👍🏽


I love this game! Fun!

Easy fun

Easy fun

Too easy

Too easy. Not as challenging as Word Whizzle

Love it!

Does not disappoint!


I love this game already 😍

Too many ads!

The game's fun, but after every level is an ad. At first it was tolerable but now it's just obnoxious with the amount of ads. I want to play the game, not watch ads! I refuse to pay to get rid of ads for a game like this!

Love this game

Cool game enjoy finding words

Word wizzle

This is a good app for people that don’t know how to spell

Good and fun App

Good fun and keeps interest.

Pain in the butt

Too many ads! You get stuck and can’t leave them. I quit this app -

Fun Game

It’s a quick Fun way to exercise your brain on the go!

Love it!

I like this better than others because you get lots more bonus points from finding extra words when finding the ones you need to!


It WOULD be a great game, IF I actually received the coins I earned... the coins that I have earned... you want me to pay for them... what a ripoff...

WordWhizzle Connect

Excellent game!! Would definitely recommend

Fun game, until...

The game is fun and I love how the further you go the more challenging it gets.... I just hate how after you hit level 150 when the ads pop up they don’t work and the screen just goes black. No add comes through just a black screen. Maybe it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.


Just started but I’m sure it will get tougher as you get farther into it


Just started playing. It seems to be a great game.

Ok Game

Pretty cool game great graphics and better than a good selection for great fun great way to pass time 🧠contact me if you can send me a picture of you just text me at +19193531026


Fast, addictive, fun


Game is fun, especially when you can play it with your grandchildren.

World wizard

This is a great game. It stimulates your brain while being a lot of fun. Enjoy.


all you people saying there's to many adds, or it's not giving you coins, you guys are just lying. i've been playing this game for five days and not any adds at all. still gives me all my coins that I've earned. the words they make since. get a vocabulary and look the words up. the words they give you are real words. this game is absolutely awesome. my brother, i downloaded this game for him, loves it. i give this app five stars. awesomeness!!!

Fun game

Fun game! Just started playing, but enjoying so far.

Shuts down

I really like this game but it keeps shutting down and needing to reload. I deleted and reloaded, but this did not help. Please update or fix the bugs. Now the game closes after every ad and I do not get points for watching. Please fix.

Great game. Good to work your brain.

Great game for passing time while working your brain.

Fun with simple letters to make words.

It is fun, a little repetitive but very good for older brains to keep sharp! I will really continue to enjoy this.

..entertaining but cheap

This game is a fun way to pass the time. They do keep it challenging. The one bad thing is they keep trying to get you to spend money on coins. It’s really cheap and cheesy. If you get the daily jackpot of 500 coins they want you to upgrade and spend money on them if not you only get 200. They are constantly trying to get you to spend money which I find annoying.

Addictive game

This game is amazing and very enjoyable too.


This game is rigged so you have to constantly have to play in order to win


Fun game

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