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Great game!

Quick & easy!


Fun so far

Problem with game

I have almost 7,000 coins and 4 diamonds and I can’t use them ... why??? Aren’t they for getting hints? Anyone out there that can help me out?

Word Whizzle Rating

I love the game concept. What I don’t love are the ads that either don’t work or that you watch until the end, but they give you the message that you didn’t watch the whole thing and thus no coins. When a new add comes in this happens consistently. Very time consuming and frustrating. I don’t know who does the testing on new ads but clearly they aren’t doing a good job Please hire new testers and make sure that the ads are tested before they are released


I really like this game but am very frustrated. Why, why, why, does it keep tossing me out of the game? Every time it goes to an ad (which is way too often!) it won't even finish the ad, it just tosses me out of the game and I have to bring it up again.

It is fun to play But

The game itself is pretty fun, but the only thing I don’t like is when it doesn’t recognize a word I already used the words i need again and again, But when i go to use the extra help to solve them its the same words I already used before! In a way its the game that is cheating the fun out of it!


I really like this game but I can’t afford to!!!!! I like using. My hints but it COST SO VERY ,VERY MUCH FOR THESE HINTS‼️‼️ I have paid for coins but I use a hint and then if I want to use another hint I HAVE TO BUY MORE‼️‼️‼️👎👎 My advice DON’T PLAY THIS GAME NOR THE OTHER ONE THATS JUST IT👎 Grandma Carol

Fun word game

This is currently my favorite word game. My only complaint is that the app doesn’t rotate horizontally which makes it cumbersome to play. Please consider adding this option to the settings.

Annoying glitch

I can put the same word in over and over again, but it only works after I buy a hint. Kind of a rip off, no?

Word whizzle connect

Fun game. I look forward to it becoming more challenging as the levels continue. D. Sims


Worth having but not the best.



I Just Started This Game And So Far So Good. Time will tell.

I enjoy word games very much. I will let you all know how I am doing and how I am enjoying this. Have A Great Day. 8/9/2018 It’s to soon to give a great rating for me. It just about a month and I have had to pay in to continue to play. You have to pay for the rewards you just won. I did that twice I think already pay for what I won. I am not paying any more to get the winnings I earned. I will see what happens now. I really like the game very much but what’s fair is fair and they are not fair when it comes to what you won to have to pay to get.

Having Fun

Great fun! Quick, exciting and addicting!


The game would be better but ads have gotten unbearable. Now they are appearing in the middle of the puzzle. It also charges more then other games to remove the ads. A good puzzle concept, but not worth frustration of the ads blocking the puzzle.

Real fun


Great way to pass some time

This is the perfect word game to pass a little time during the day. It is fun and not hard to understand.

Too much money for coins

I liked this game at first, and I liked being able to get free coins by watching ads and sending messages to my friends. However, as the levels got harder, I found myself spending a lot of my coins, and the gifts I were getting after the end of every pack and every few levels weren’t helping. Then ads started popping up telling me that I could spend $24.99 for only 1,000 coins. That’s a bit TOO much if you ask me. If they were a bit cheaper, then maybe I would consider it. But almost $25 is too much for me. Another suggestion I would give to you is to include daily rewards for just logging on and playing daily. Some games offer you gifts and coins that would help you in the game as soon as you log in daily, but this game really doesn’t until after you play the daily challenges. I think that would help people out a lot, especially people who are reaching the more difficult levels.

Fun but kitschy

A lot of gimmicky gaming but fun at higher levels


Just beginning and the game is great.

WordWhizzle Craze!

TigerLady780-July 31st. 2018 I can’t give you more stars ⭐️ than what you deserve. When I realize you deserve more stars,⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ll gladly give you more stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!! But until that day comes, be happy with what you have!

Challenging game...ads are out of control!

This is a challenging game that keeps you on your toes. I play it more than my easier games. That all is changing. The ads are too much! I could live with the ads after the rounds. But now they have an ad bar that covers the letters in the game board. It’s just too much! Ridiculous!!!

Game Crashes

Hi, I am on level 820 and recently noticed that the game keeps crashing. So I have to reboot and start again. Is there any fix ?


It rigged

Too many long, annoying ads

Otherwise it’s a decent game.

Fun game!

I’ve enjoyed playing WordWhizzle. It is getting more challenging. But in a good way! Do not appreciate that I win points BUT I HAVE TO PAY YO GET MY POINTS!!! Really! They are my points. Give them to me already! So what it’s only $1.99! I should Not be required to buy them. This is not fair! You need to change this!!!!!

Word sizzle

Fun game.

Fun Game!

Fun game if you want something to relax. It’s like playing scrabble for one lol! Helps your brain think.

Like this so far

I love word games and just started playing this. I like it!

Sneaky App will steal money from you

App is very sneaky it just stole $5 from me

Don't download

I enjoyed playing. But, was considering deleting, due to all the ads you are forced to watch. I was up to about level 425, and suddenly there was an ad placed over the board. The fine print below instructed me to purchase a coin package to remove the ad and continue to play. Needless to say, I deleted the app.

Game is very awesome.

I love this game coz you gonna use your mind to think of any words. It’s gives you practice on your words to connect and it’s addictive too.

Just started playing

Just started this app so far so good seems fun but Im still in the basics. Hoping for the best.

Ads across game

Today a small ad showed in the middle of the puzzle such that you couldn’t see at least one letter you needed. I liked most things before this and maybe just a glitch but needs to be fixed so you can play the game

Great game

Have fun playing this game.

Good game

Too many ads and the game gets more difficult as you go. But it’s a great way to pass time.



Five stars



I love this game...it's fun AND educational!

Can’t connect to Facebook

I get a error message: Can’t connect to Facebook. Try again later. It’s been like this for a while! I lost my place, and the levels don’t show up as completed until the level is replayed!


I love this game. I just wish there were more ways to get free coins for hints.

Fun game!

Fun game! Good past time


I loved Word Whizzle. Bad enough, though, that I had to watch frequent ads, but now there is an ad blocking one of my letters. The only way to get rid of it is to purchase the no ad version . Sorry, but I won’t be strong armed into anything. Deleted and found another word game.

Super Game

I’ve had this game for a while and it’s a great challenge and super fun👍🏽


I love this game! Fun!

Easy fun

Easy fun

Too easy

Too easy. Not as challenging as Word Whizzle

Love it!

Does not disappoint!


I love this game already 😍

Too many ads!

The game's fun, but after every level is an ad. At first it was tolerable but now it's just obnoxious with the amount of ads. I want to play the game, not watch ads! I refuse to pay to get rid of ads for a game like this!

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